About Us

Who we are

Vantageimpact Initiative is a Christian Women based Non Governmental Organization


Mission Statement

Vantageimpact Initiative impacts women and girls with the right values to live above the conventional.


Vision statement

Our vision is that women and girls will break limiting beliefs/barriers, to reach their full potentials and live their best lives.

Support our goal

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help women and families across Nigeria and beyond!

We welcome and value gifts of any amount. Here are a few examples of the impact you can make:

  • $50 provides one day of job training for a Mother.
  • $100 provides resume and interview coaching for a Mother.
  • $500 enables 18 Mothers to receive parenting training.
  • $1,250 provides a Mother and 2 children with a safe place to live for three weeks in our shelter, including food.

Women Trained


Conducted Trainings

Join Us in helping young girls live above struggles and setbacks through educational support.